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  • What if one of the water sources in our home is leaking?
  • What if a golf ball cracks a window, trash blows into our yard, newspapers are incorrectly left in our driveway, so that it becomes obvious our home is unoccupied, an easy target for burglars?
  • What if our pool is not being cleaned or the landscape maintenance is not done properly?
  • What if a sprinkler head is broken and is damaging our home or lawn?
  • What if our lush privacy hedge is under attack by destroying bugs and needs sprayed?
  • What if we have an issue with insects or rodents in our home?
  • What if a window or door isn't properly sealed, and sand is getting into our home?
  • What if our home has been vandalized?
  • What if our artwork or other valuables are damaged during a minor earthquake or storm?

Consider this...
The master bath alone likely has nine sources: two hot and two cold water taps for the two sinks, two hot and two cold for the shower and spa tub, plus the toilet supply line. Add up the sources for the remaining bathrooms, wet bar, kitchen and laundry room sinks, refrigerator, air conditioner condensation lines, washing machine connections, and water heater. If you're in a ground floor condo, you can multiply your number of potential leaks by the number of units above yours.

Plumbers tell us...
Ice maker water lines and reverse osmosis drinking water systems under your kitchen sink are two of the most common sources of leaks.

Let us turn all of your absentee homeowner
what ifs into peace of mind.

  • Check all sources of potential leaking water lines

  • Operate faucets and the kitchen disposal and flush the toilets

  • Add water to your golf cart battery as needed

  • Verify that the windows and doors are locked

  • Check the thermostat to insure the air conditioning is cooling properly

  • Check for visible signs of mildew, mold, insects or rodents

  • Investigate unusual odors

  • Assess whether or not pool appears to be regularly maintained and note any obvious problems

  • Make you aware of landscape maintenance issues that need attention, such as tree limbs on or near your roof, obvious signs of broken sprinkler heads or insect infested hedges

  • Pick up flyers or trash that has blown onto your property, and address anything that gives the appearance of your home being unoccupied

  • In the event of an emergency, we will contact you immediately by phone to the numbers you provide. If you are not immediately available, we will take action dictated by the contingency plan devised for your property, by calling your pre-approved vendors to get emergency repairs handled in a timely manner. Extra services available upon request.

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    Property Watch Report

    Call me with more information.

    High Tech Method: Once you become a property watch client, we will provide you access to your property reports on our website. You simply click on the property watch link on our homepage, then using your email address and secure password, go to our client login center and access your private property status reports.

    Your reports will include photos of your property, which we will update as necessary to show you action item issues related to your property.

    Low Tech Method: If you prefer, we are happy to email your reports to you, fax them to you, or send them monthly via US mail.

    Prices range from approximately $100-$300 per month, depending on the size of your home or condo, the number of visits per month, and the number of special requests you include.

    If you'd like more information, including pricing, please email or give us a call. We're here to answer your questions.

    Let us turn all of your absentee
    homeowner What Ifs into peace of mind.

    Call me with more information.
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